Wray's 101 year old story teller

Date: 11/05/12
Lancaster - Lancaster

the fantastic Ruth Whittam

Every town, city or village has its treasures, some are rare artefacts found in nearby woods, some are buildings built by visionaries, others are works of literature or art that have astounded and delighted past generations; and in Wray we found a treasure when we had the most delightful, funny and thought provoking afternoon’s chat with Ruth.

Ruth, who will be 102 in June, beguiled not only me but the entire crew with her life stories; we were treated to rare glimpses of how life was lived in Wray through the eyes of a young girl who had experienced living through two world wars, took personal tragedies and hardships in her stride, had a son and daughter (whom she adores) and was the belle of the ball at her 100 birthday party.